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Jumping into Antarctic waters. Be Fearless. Be Intrepid

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  • 8 months ago
Visit https://www.intrepidtravel.com/au/be-intrepid-fearless-mandi

Mandi is from Texas. This is her first trip to Antarctica, her first time on a ship, and she is facing the daunting prospect of the polar plunge. “The idea of going to Antarctica was just outrageous,” Mandi says. “I’ve never been on a ship. I’ve never even been out to sea. So the idea that I would jump into the Antarctic waters is ridiculous – like seriously ridiculous.”

Most first-time visitors have only a vague, Attenborough-ish mental image of Antarctica, fuelled by nature documentaries and glossy tour brochures. Possibly penguins, whales and seals might be involved. Bobbing icebergs… snow. That kind of thing. Mandi is one of about 50,000 travellers who visit the Antarctic Peninsula every year, drawn by some deep, unshakable feeling that this might be the last place on Earth where you can experience a proper adventure.

The Polar Plunge has become an Antarctic rite of passage. You’re not allowed to dip your toe or gingerly acclimatise inch-by-inch, either. This is all or nothing. A leap of faith. Think of it like skydiving from an altitude of three feet. Be Fearless. Be Intrepid.

Intrepid Travel has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1989. A company that began with two bearded backpackers, a typewriter and a kitchen table now leads 100,000 travellers across the globe each year.

And although we’re a bit larger these days – with 1,000 local staff based around the world and over 800 different trips across every continent (not to mention multiple kitchen tables) – our mission remains the same. We still get a kick out of responsible travel, small groups and very (very) big adventures.
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