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Kamado Grill Benefits | Kamado Grill Buying Guide BB...

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  • 11 months ago
Chef Tony can talk all day about the many advantages of kamado grills, but we managed to limit him to just 8 benefits in this video. The most notable kamado grill advantage is the superior heat retention of refractory ceramic and cast aluminum, which act as a “heat sponge” (Chef Tony’s words, not ours) to absorb heat and hold onto it like your brisket depends on it. Thanks to that heat retention and the ability to steadily reradiate it, kamado grills boast extreme cooking versatility and the fuel efficiency for overnight cooks. Looking for more kamado grill benefits? How about less moisture loss during cooks, leading to amazingly juicy and tender meat? Even better, kamado charcoal grills can last decades when properly cared for, and they basically act as self-cleaning machines at high heat. The final benefit of kamado grills is the answer to a reverse-engineered Chef Tony riddle: “Why is a kamado like a smokehouse?” We always thought Chef had a little Mad Hatter in him.

Advantages of Kamado Grills:

Shop Kamado Grills and Smokers:

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Chef Tony Matassa grew up in the restaurant business, starting in his family’s New Orleans eatery before running one of his own. No wonder he has such vast knowledge of and passion for food science, which he puts to use every day as our jack-of-all-trades (and master of many). Longtime fans of the channel know Tony has been testing grills for more than 10 years, though we’re partial to his performance in our recent Grillabilities℠ series.

Featuring: Tony Matassa
Filmed/Produced by: Blaine Boudreaux
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