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Kernow Chilli Farm Tour with a New ...

Clifton Chilli Club Follow
  • Video description
  • 8 years ago
Take a tour around the Kernow Chilli Farm at the start of the year see how it all starts from propagation to the poly tunnel where the plants grow on to mature and produce thousands upon thousands of chilies, which are then used in his sauces, seeds etc
For more info visit http://www.kernowchillifarm.co.uk
One off his propagators is very unusual however very clever, combining the use off a tropical fish tank heater (thermostat controlled) and a water pump to circulate the water, the seed trays are placed floating on the water and thus the warmth will keep the roots and plugs warm.
With over 120 varieties many super hots and world breaking chili, Terry has amassed a selection to be jealous off ;-)
Here we go;
7 Pot Burgundy
7 Pot Jonah
7 Pot Long
7 Pot Primo
Aji Amorillo
Aji Panca
Aji Pineapple
Aji Umber
Bahamian Goat Pepper
Bhut Jolokia Rust
Bih Jolokia
Bishops Crown
Black Cobra
Black Habanero
Black Hungarian
Black Naga
Black Pearl
Black Stinger
Bolivian Rainbow
Brain Strain (DJ)
Brain Strain (me)
Brain Strain (Paul)
Brasileira Marimbonda
Brazilian Starfish
Brown Rocoto
Bubblegum 7 F3
Bubblegum 7 X Butch T
Bubblegum 7 X Marouga
Butch T (Jim)
Butch T (me)
Chilhuaco Negro
Chocolate Scorpion
Chocolate Scotch Bonnet
Congo Red
Cornish Naga
Ethiopian Birds Eye
Fatalii (ivor)
Fatalii (me)
Fish Pepper
Gambia Red
Giant Red Peruvian
Golden Rocoto
Jamaican Yellow Mushroom
Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpion
Jay's Red Ghost Scorpion
Lemon Bastard
Little Elf
Marouga ( Jim)
Marouga (me)
Marouga x Naga
Monkey Face
Mulo De Tiro
Mustard Habanero
Mysterious Yellow ( DJ )
Naga Morich
Naranja Picante Habanero
Orange Manzano
Orange Tree Habanero
Peach Bullet Habanero
Peach Habanero
Peruvian Purple
Peter Pepper Red
Pimento Diomar
Prairie Fire
Purple Tiger
Red 7 Pot (ivor)
Red 7 Pot (me)
Red Manzano
Red Savina
Royal Black
Scotch Bonnet Yellow
Sunrise Scorpion
Swiss Choc Habanero
Trinidad Scorpion Butch AJ
Trinidad Scorpion choco XL
Trinidad Scorpion Large
Trinidad Scorpion x Bhut Jolokia
Turbo Pube
White Bhut Jolokia
Yaki Blue
Yellow 7 Pot
Yellow Brain Strain
Yellow Fatalii
Yellow Manzano
Yellow Scorpion
Zimbabwe Bird Pepper

Footage shot using a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone

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