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  • 6 years ago
Look, the KFC Double Down was purposefully a bad idea from the start. There are reasons we use bread instead of fried chicken on sandwiches, and those reasons are many-fold. But KFC has come up with yet another variation on the Double Down theme: ON FIRE!!! Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Z7lbS

Over in Korea, KFC has released the Fire Double Maxx, which is apparently a radioactive red version of the “classic” It’s the unholy child of KFC and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, served up with a slathering of spicy chili sauce, a slice of tomato, and some cheese. Kudos on including produce, we guess? But it seems safe to assume that the tomato is only there to further the bright-red color theme of this offering, not for any flavor or nutritional enhancement.

If the Double Down (Double Maxx!) seems a bit much for you, you can also order regular Fire Chicken over in Korea. Which we’re guessing is like Lousiana Hot Chicken, only, like, terrible instead.

You can read more on the KFC Fire Double Maxx here: http://goo.gl/hhhIqV

Did any of you Korean Feeders get the chance to try the Fire Double Maxx at your local KFCs? What about that Double Down cheeseburger they had for a while? What other classic sandwiches would you like to see get the Double Down treatment? How about a nice French Dip? Any other zany food news you’d like to see us cover on the show?

Let us know in the comments!!

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