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Khachapuri, Georgian Cheesy Bread Recipe - Хачапури ...

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  • 7 years ago
Khachapuri (хачапури) is a traditional Georgian bread stuffed with a specific melting cheese known as sulguni from the Samegrelo region of Georgia. Sulguni is an unaged cow's milk cheese that has a slightly sour, moderately salty flavor and an elastic consistency similar to mozzarella or halloumi. It can be fresh or smoked and is used in many dishes besides cheese bread. Khachapuri is considered one of Georgia's national dishes and, when Georgia was a Soviet republic, Russians adopted the dish as their own and you will find it at pubs and restaurants

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We will need :

1 tsp of sugar
1 tsp of dry yeast - 2.5 gr
50 gr of unsalted butter
1 egg
100 ml of milk
250 gr of plain flour

For the cheese ( I don't have traditional cheese, so i used these alternatives) :
120 gr cheddar cheese
150 gr of shredded mozzarella cheese
200 gr of feta cheese

Step 1 : We need to activate our yeast. In a bowl place your yeast with sugar and warm milk. Give a little stir and then add few tbsp of flour and mix well. Leave it aside in a warm place for 15 min.
Step 2 : In a large bowl, whisk one egg and then add melted butter, mix well and then add the yeast mixture. You can add a bit of salt and then add flour slowly. I like to use my hands and make sure all the ingredients are incorporated. You should have a nice and easy dough. We leave it in a bowl, cover with towel and leave for one hour in a warm place.
Step 3: We need to grate and mix all the cheeses together in a large bowl.
Step 4: Place your dough onto a floured surface and cut the mixture in half. You roll the dough into a round shape.
Step 5: Take the cheese mixture and start forming a ball by pressing it together. We place the cheese ball right in the middle of the dough and then press the cheese. Then we start to fold the dough around to cover the cheese. see video. We press again and even out the cheese, you can also use a rolling pill to even it out. Open a little hole in the middle of the hachapuri.
Step 6: Brush the hachapuri with some egg wash and place in a pre heated oven at 180 degrees for 15 min. You can add extra cheese on top to make it more crispy.
Step 7 : Cut into slices or squares and serve hot! Its to die for! You must make this recipe! Everyone will love you!

Translation for Russian speaking people: Русский перевод ниже.

Несложный рецепт хачапури с сыром — популярнейшей грузинской выпечки. Само слово «хачапури» происходит от «хачо» — творог и «пури» — хлеб. Если вы еще не пробовали эти вкуснейшие лепешки с сыром внутри, советую приготовить! Хачапури – рецепт грузинской национальной кухни, лепёшка с начинкой. Начинка для хачапури может быть разнообразной, это сыр, яйцо, мясо. Хачапури бывают разные – круглые, треугольные, овальные, в виде лодочки. Так, например, имеретинские хачапури – круглые и закрытые (сыр находится внутри). Менгрельские тоже круглые, но открытые (подобно пицце). Аджарские хачапури – в форме лодочки, а сырную начинку сверху заливают яйцом.

Нам понадобится :

1 чайная ложка сахара
1 чайная ложка сухих дрожжей - 2,5 гр
50 г несоленого сливочного масла
1 яйцо
100 мл молока
250 гр простой муки

Для сыра ( я не имею традиционный сыр , я использовал эти альтернативы ) :
120 гр сыра чеддер
150 гр тертого сыра моцарелла
200 гр сыра фета
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