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Kikoskia’s All-New Hearthstone Adventures: Roll on t...

Kikoskia Follow
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  • 4 years ago
With the beginning of the Year of the Dragon less then a week away, it was my guess that the brawl before it went live would be a prime opportunity to show off some of the new deck archetypes that will be possible in the new standard. I thought that they’d make a prebuilt deck for each class with some of the new cards, giving people a taste of what was to come and getting them excited for the new expansion and perhaps get a few more pre-orders.

And then, out of nowhere, a brawl focused entirely on randomness appears… at random.

Of all the brawls, this is one I expected the least to see, but at least the reward for your first victory is a pack from the new expansion to be opened when it goes live. The problem with this brawl is that it can be very frustrating to get said win as absolutely everything is left to chance; your deck is random and the cost of each card is random each turn, ranging from its full cost to basically nothing. It can lead to matches where one player has a huge advantage at the start and never loses it, but it can also create experiences where control swings wildly from one player to another each turn. The only thing you can rely upon is that you can’t rely on anything for long. Some might get frustrated but when you have little control over what plays you have, there’s no point in getting angry. It’s a very silly brawl that you can have fun with if you don’t take seriously, a nice reprieve from ladder even if this time it’s a wasted opportunity to do something neat with the upcoming expansion.

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