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Killer 30min Gym Pull Workout

scooby1961 Follow
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  • 3 years ago
This workout gets you the same gains in 1/3 the gym time but its BRUTAL! Destroy your lats, biceps and core. This is an ultra-time effecient pull workout you can do at the gym in 30 minutes.
First off, everything will be supersets of 3-4 exercises where each exercise hits one of the targeted muscles.

The first superset:

- pullups,
- low cable rows,
- dumbbell curls
- windshieldwipers
Second superset:

- parallel grip pullup with legs held horizontal
- T bar row
- barbell curls
Third superset

- cable pulldowns
- one legged dumbbell rows
- reverse barbell curls
Lets talk a minute about how to modify these exercises for your needs. If you workout in a gym, most likely its busy. You cant monopolize four prime pieces of equipment in a busy gym or you will piss everyone off. What you do is choose one prime piece of equipment and center all your exercises around it. Surpisingly enough, in this gym, the pullup bars are prime real estate because they are in the cable rack so I have centered my workout around the pullup bar. All your other exercises should be either dumbbell exercises done right there or nearby machines that are rarely used. If you are running all over the gym to use things widely spread out you will just end up getting frustrated and find your equipment in use when you get back so keep the four exercises within a few steps of each other. You will get a better idea how this works as you see my other supersets.
One thing you probably have noticed is that I have not rested at all during this workout. One of the reasons this workout is time effecient is that there is no rest, none, you can rest when you die. The other reason that this workout is so time effecient is that I do a lot of compound or dual purpose exercises, like the pullups with the abs combo. Another example is the one legged dumbbell rows which works your lats, your core, and your balance stabilizing muscles all at the same time.

To make this work well we either do a full body workout or a push pull split and the reason is that even though there is no rest for the cardiovascular system, we make sure that individual muscles DO have time to rest before hitting them again. For example if we are doing a push workouts, we do bench press (pecs) followed by standing dumbbell press (shoulders) followed by skullcrushers (triceps). Even though there is not a second of sitting around doing nothing, the individual muscles DO get a rest.

As I mentioned this summer, at the end of the year I am going to give you a bunch of time effecient home workouts where you can get your gains in 1/3 the lifting time but today I am going to show you a similar technique in the gym.
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