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King Floret and Queen Floret: Garrison Pet Menagerie...

Hazelnuttygames Follow
  • Video description
  • 7 years ago
How to beat King Floret and Queen Floret at the Garrison Pet Menagerie. This encounter is one of the many Battle Pet Roundup fights, found at your level 3 Garrison after having unlocked the Pet Menagerie.

The experience rewarded from beating this encounter with 2 pets is negligible compared to the RNG luck and effort required, which is why the demonstrated strategy uses three pets.

The battle pets I use to defeat King Floret and Queen Floret are the Pandaren Water Spirit, Syd the Squid and Legs. Aside from the Pandaren Water Spirit, the theme we're looking for is Magic type pets with Aquatic type damage. The Coilfang Stalker and the Darkmoon Eye will also do if you're missing Syd or Legs.

Let me know what you think and check out my channel for other pet battle videos! I plan to bring a video guide for each of the garrison pet battle fights, the Draenor Tamers and fights involved in an Awfully Big Adventure. Stay tuned!

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