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Kung Fu Panda - The Video Game (by NetEase Games) - ...

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  • 5 years ago
Kung Fu Panda - The Video Game by NetEase Games (iOS / Android)

"Kung Fu Panda," the official Mobile Video Game authorized by the film genuine, Netease R & D team gold medal, won the 2015 Golden Plume Award for Best Original Mobile Game Award!

Obsessed with Kung Fu Bao dream, gorgeous Emerald Palace, Shen princes and other authentic Boss reduction! No lock operation, unlimited roll set, flexible posture go a bit more flair! Dodge, hit back, tumbling, KO, precision attack pleasure overwhelmed! Wu Yi's first play, Custom 990 kinds of weapons and skill sets, giving you an unprecedented blow to experience! Leading Hollywood 2.0 era, hand movements tour the new king!

[Non-locking, really operate]
Unlimited roll and dodge! Left-handed manipulation coquettish take place, the right hand control precision attack! Back attack, dodge and batter, mobile reproduction WASD sense of control! Unlimited strike hands with the release of pleasure!

[More weapons, the real fight]
Greenstone stick, tai chi dense volume, jade knife, hammer thunderbolt, King guns and other Chinese traditional weapons free switching, 990 kinds of combos let you even move constantly point thrill! Floating waited in vain for the ultimate KO kill the big move, let you enjoy the exciting broken screen!

[3.5D vision, really substitute]
Film-quality, CG style bullet shot, rainy night, snow days courageously fighting, hyper-realistic combat feedback and make you like immersive audio-visual effects, instant avatar Dragon Warrior wandering between heaven and earth!

[Synchronous PVP, really Versus]
Budokai synchronization PVP real confrontation, one second to ignite your heart warlike instincts! Anytime, anywhere-ups, with the strength of RCC opponent!

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Official website: http: //gfxm.163.com/
Official forum: http: //gfxm.16163.com/
Official micro letter: gfxm163
Netease official Letter: gfxm163
Official microblogging: http: //weibo.com/gfxmgame
Customer Service Tel: 020-89166181-3

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TBA (Probably launching 26.11.2015)


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