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Ladder Lunacy: A Bodyweight Workout

Jen Sinkler Follow
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  • 9 years ago
The best strength coaches in the world tend to scoff at the idea that agility ladder drills can actually improve one's agility, and I don't disagree (more on that here: www.jensinkler.com/ladder-lunacy). What I DO think agility ladder drills are great for, however, is conditioning, so I like to build them into circuits from time to time. Tip: If you don't have a ladder handy, do as I do and draw one onto the pavement with chalk.

Perform as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) of the following circuit in 10 minutes. Rest as often as needed.

-Ladder Drill: Ickey Shuffle (down and back)
-10 Pushups
-Ladder Drill: Boogie Woogie (down and back)
-10 Jump Squats
-Ladder Drill: Sideways Skedaddle (down and back; change lead leg on way back)
-10/10 (each side) T-Spine Rolls
-Ladder Drill: "Ladderal" High-Step (down and back; change lead leg on way back)
-10/10 (each side) Lateral Lunges
-Ladder Drill: Pogo Hops (down and back)
-10/10 Knee-to-Elbow Planks
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