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Landscape Photography on The Jurassic Coast | The Ph...

Brendan van Son Follow
  • Video description
  • 9 months ago
I got up for sunrise landscape photography on the Jurassic Coast, and announced the winner of the photo contest on today's vlog.
Matt's IG is: @mwalkleyphotography
My travel and landscape photography can be found on Instagram too at @brendanvanson
The Jurassic Coast is amazing. And, I had been looking forward to shooting some landscape photography at a location for sunrise.
However, this morning, my alarm didn't go off. Magically, I managed to get up anyways, and I did make it to my location in time for the surinse. And, to be fair, the light wasn't really good anyways.
My landscape photography location on the Jurassic Coast this morning was a place called Pulpit Rock which is near Portland Bill. The rock makes for a cool photo, but I think it would have been a bit better at sunset as it was a little bit backlit. Still, I managed to get some cool photos.
I also met another landscape photographer named Matt who was shooting some Large Format stuff on film. I love seeing people out shooting things like that. It takes photography to another level. And, by looking at his photography work on his instagram feed, he's really good.
The Jurassic Coast has been so much fun, but my trip here is really quick. It was kind of a weekend trip out of the city to shoot some landscape photos and explore some new locations. So, after shooting, I picked up @alajode and we made our way back to Kent.
We made one last stop on The Jurassic Coast before cutting through the New Forest and heading home.
In Kent, I announced the winner of my photo contest. It was actually really hard to pick a winner. There are so many good travel photographers out there, and there were so many cool images on the Trover site.
Tomorrow, I'm out exploring and doing some travel photography in Brighton Beach. I have a new tripod coming. So, that should be a fun vlog.
This photography channel has a few more episodes now coming out here in England, and then I'm off to Iceland for 10 days which should be awesome. Stay tuned.
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