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Channon Rose Follow
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  • 7 years ago
Channon Rose Box: http://bit.ly/2r47btq
I have been getting most of my tattoos removed the past 2 years and boy does it hurt! I just started getting the huge roses on my stomach removed as well. This vlog captures the first time I get all my tattoos removed in one sitting. BAD IDEA lol, I almost passed out from the pain. I am going to be very honest, it is very expensive, it takes a long time and it hurts like no other, but if you hate your tattoos DO IT, because it works and it is worth it in the end to deal with the pain and how much it costs. I wish I never got some of my tattoos, but thankfully there is a way to remove them now. If anyone is wondering I go to Dr Tattoff in Beverly Hills California. I really like it there, the staff are all very friendly, the place is clean and they are very professional and knowledgable about what they do. I show you the removal process, I forgot to include in the video that I put numbing cream on all the tattoos 30 minutes to an hour before the treatment. Then when I get there they wipe it off, and laser me up. They then apply an aloe vera type cream to the tattoos, they apply ice packs and wrap them up to help with the burn and swelling. I show you in the video what they look like hours later and tell you what to expect and what happens etc. Then we are off to San Fran for a sweet roadtrip to the city! I hope you all enjoy this vlog, if you have any questions leave them in the comments below and when I get some free time I will try to answer back as many as I can. MUAH!

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