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Legaia 2: Duel Saga Game Sample - Playstation 2

Vysethedetermined2 Follow
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  • 13 years ago
Legaia 2 isn't what I'd call the "ideal" successor to one of my favorite PSX RPGs, Legend of Legaia, but it is a rather enjoyable game in its own right that added many new elements over the previous game and didn't feel so much like it was just tossed together like many early PS2 titles. Developed / Produced by Contrail (Prokion) and published outside of Japan by Eidos Interactive's "Fresh Games" label, I have to ask: "Where's Legaia 3?"

While the game has a fairly compotent story, it lacks the ups and downs that made the original more suspensful and while the game attempts to give off feelings of devastation and despair from time to time, there is little denying that this game has a decidely more light-hearted approach. While the story is relatively light (group of special humans known as Mystics and a giant try to stop the power of a crazy Mystic who harbors the "Supreme Origin" from changing the world), the game easily excels over the original when it comes to defining the main cast and their interactions. You get to have many pleasant and funny conversations with friends around town and just about every NPC has a name and adds just a smidge to the overall experience. What's even better is that whole scenes are acted out differently depending on your actions, so it's not like the differences are simply textual.

The gameplay is mostly an improvement, though the Ra-Seru and magic in the original were more important than in this game, where magic is largely disappointing and lacks diversity in L2:DS. Mystic characters are supported by Origins, this game's take on Ra-Seru, who can talk and assist characters with various field-related abilities. In Battle, Origins can use about a half-dozen attacks that usually annihilate all enemies, with basic spells outweighing most more powerful spells due to MP conservation versus overall power. The "arts" system has been refined to allow for significantly larger combos, but they don't exactly flow like the original due to the unnecessary showing of "Hyper Arts" and "Super Arts" every time they are done, so fights drag a little.

The game has some "exciting" elements like going on guild quests, bartering for items, crafting items, going to fun places like Phorchoon for some R&R, triggering special character events, etc. The game is fun, but lacks the overall impact of the first game, and it's easy as heck too by comparison. I'd say for every step back this game took, it also took two steps forward. It's worth a purchase.


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