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Lenny Guitar Lesson - Stevie Ray Vaughan - Famous Riffs

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  • 7 years ago
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In this "famous riff" lesson we are going to learn the main riff to Stevie Ray Vaughan's beautiful instrumental masterpiece "Lenny".

"Lenny" is a jazz-inflected Hendrix inspired instrumental that was the final track of Stevie Ray Vaughan's debut album Texas Flood.

"Lenny" is a perfect example of using dynamics and a blending of musical styles to create something 100% original. "Lenny" has remained a favorite of many S.R.V. fans for that very reason.

In this Lenny guitar lesson video will take a look at the opening main riff. It isn't a very technically demanding riff to play, it is the dynamics and phrasing that you will want to concentrate on the most with this one.

There are also a couple of chords in this riff that you will most likely be unfamiliar with. Stevie Ray uses uses these chords in such a unique way while doing nice solo melody lines in between them.

If you enjoy this style of playing and want to learn the entire song please let me know by liking this video on YouTube. Once it gets to 600 likes I will teach the entire song note-for-note.

Until we get the entire song on here, you can still have a lot of fun repeating this opening riff while improvising between the two chords. Hopefully you can use S.R.V.'s licks for inspiration.

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