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Let's Play Europa Universalis 3 III Divine Wind Biha...

shenryyr2 Follow
  • Video description
  • 10 years ago
Welcome to another lets play!

I chose Bihar for this one since I've never played them before and supporting a Hindi resistance to the encroaching Islam movement sounded like a fun point in history. Also, because the religions are so different, you are able to use the holy war causus belli against each other.

Bihar starts small, only 4 territories that are all cores of neighboring Delhi. There are many moslem and hindi nations nearby, so expansion will be both easy and difficult at the same time. It will be vastly important in this campaign to make allies with strong nations like Vijaynagar and perhaps Ming.

Our campaign begins with war on Bengal, the Islamic state to the East. This is for several reasons- 1) we have a mission to do it, 2) our neighboring Hindi countries will war with them soon anyway so we might as well get there first, and 3) their army looks pretty small but they have more territories than us, so the quicker we get rid of them, the easier it will be. The war goes pretty much as planned, with Orissa providing very useful assistance in chasing around Bengal's army while we siege the cities. To my utter surprise we are able to annex Bengal! Who am I to argue with strange game mechanics! And only 6 infamy!


Europa Universalis 3 is a game by Paradox Interactive, it feels very 'indy' compared to the super popular total war series. There are no 3d battles or battering rams or catapults or cannons of mass destruction. Instead they focus on detailed campaign map gameplay, which tends to provide less exciting watching though it is fun to play.

My good headset boom mic (sennheiser ftw) broke so I'm stuck using this crappy omnidirectional one, apologies for the quality of sound but maybe it will get better if I can get a new mic at some point. I had to run this through an audio filter for hiss reduction even though I have no fans running it still manages to pick up a loud hiss, oy!


programs used:
EU3DW 5.1 beta
Fraps 3.2.2
VirtualDub 1.9.2
CoolEdit Pro 2.1
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Seán William McLoughlin (born on 7 February, 1990), better known by his online alias, jacksepticeye, is an Irish game commentator, producer and content creator, known primarily for his comedic Let'...

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