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Let's Play Dungeon Hack #41: The Fifteenth Floor

Kikoskia Follow
  • Video description
  • 7 months ago
This game features no music outside of the intro cutscene. I suggest that you play some music to go with the gameplay. If you want a suggestion for music for this video, one is provided below.

For the next floor, I suggest this music.

Up until now we've been able to explore everywhere on each floor that we've come across. All the keys have been on the same floor the lock is on and those places that aren't behind locked doors are either concealed by illusionary walls or hidden switches that need to be found. It's allowed us to find the difficult foe of each level and thus get all the loot we possibly can, all the better for dealing with the upcoming endgame levels.

The fourteenth level however is one where that seems not to be the case. The only door leading to the unexplored part of the floor has no lock or switch by it and there are no illusion walls or other switches that allow us access to that area. We did have a chime of opening earlier in the dungeon but I used that to get into part of a floor which I probably could've opened using more conventional methods. Without a way to get in there, there's little we can do but move on to the next floor, making me glad that the stairs down weren't in that inaccessible area. While a little bothersome, it's nothing too terrible to miss a part of this floor as we're pretty well equipped and high enough level as it is.

Let's just hope that we don't encounter this situation again later only much worse. I'd hate to have the dungeon be impossible to finish because we used the chimes of opening in the wrong place.

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