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Let’s Play EoTB 3 #13: Predictable Puzzles, Straight...

Kikoskia Follow
  • Video description
  • 4 years ago
It’s no surprise that Valendra and company are encountering a lot of enemies while exploring the Mage’s Guild. They’ve faced off against monsters all around and within Myth Drannor, so it’s no shock that the various buildings of the ruined city are also teeming with threats. The magical nature of the guild makes the dangers within even more daunting, however, for the ancient wards and safeguards were made to defeat powerful wizards and summoned creatures. I haven’t even begun to talk about the puzzles we’ll inevitably have to solve which will no doubt be numerous and tricky.

One thing I will give the game however is that it hasn’t yet thrown me into an unfair situation. We’ve mostly been searching for keys, pressing buttons and finding the odd teleporter to use and the puzzles we’ve had to solve haven’t been of the ‘trap you and kill you instantly’ type. This may be because they’ve been in out-of-the-ways places that I’ve managed not to stumble into, but so far each puzzle has presented clues to help solve them or was simple enough that that wasn’t needed. The closest we’ve got to a multi-level conundrum was the mausoleum and that was entirely optional. That doesn’t mean to say that things are going to remain so simple, but considering how far I think we are into the game, the difficult curve after the spike that was the first dungeon has been rather gentle.

Here’s to hoping it stays that way, eh? And here’s to hoping that the game doesn’t read that last statement and decides to suddenly get far more difficult.

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