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Let’s Play EoTB 3 #14: Shrieking Scaladars, Sandstar!

Kikoskia Follow
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  • 4 years ago
Having played Dungeon Hack before this game, I know all too well how dangerous Scaladars can be. In tabletop they’re hard to hit, entirely immune to magic missile and can become charged by absorbing electrical attacks. While they’ll be a little easier to take care of with a full party as opposed to a lone adventurer, I’m greatly thankful that they seem not to be aggressive to me at this moment in time. My only guess is that the ring we found earlier is the key to this, making me doubly glad that I was thorough in exploring the previous floor. If these are the kinds of opponents we’re coming across now though, I’m certainly not looking forward to the later levels of the guild.

Some may question my choice in taking replacing Isharn with Bug. It’s true that I’m using the ‘all attack’ button a lot more than I am arcane spells and, by that logic, I’ve lost a some amount of melee damage output. The opportunity to have a fae wizard in your group doesn’t come by often, however, much like how you don’t usually stumble across saurials. Having a second wizard gives me a very balanced party with a vast amount of spells – only Sandstar is incapable of casting some form of magic – and gives my group a lot of redundancy in case people get knocked out or otherwise incapacitated. If there’s one thing D&D has taught me, it’s that redundancy is worth its weight in gold, making the trade of a fighter/thief for a second wizard a long term investment.

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