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Let’s Play Evoland #10: The End of Everything can Wa...

Kikoskia Follow
  • Video description
  • 1 year ago
This is a blind playthrough of the game. As such, please avoid posting puzzle solutions or plot spoilers, so as to not spoil the experience for me or other viewers who haven’t played the game.

While we were able to best the villain spreading the wastes throughout the land, it was only through unlocking our hidden power and unleashing it, triggered by the terrible pain of losing our companion. She valiantly defied the big bad and paid the ultimate price for it, something that most certainly wasn’t foreshadowed in any way at all through her name, attire or the general flow of the plot. Our encounter in the black citadel wasn’t the final one however, a precursor to the final boss encounter that’ll take place in the final dungeon. It’s there that we’ll have to stop them from destroying the world, because of course.

It may seem that the fate of everything hangs in the balance and time is of the essence but that’s not the case. Like many RPGs, this game is event driven and so the world will forever remain in a perpetual state of ‘almost doomed’ until we go to the final dungeon for the final battle. This gives us all the time we need to explore the endgame content and do anything else we’ve held off on doing from now. Further supporting the fact that the game wants you to delay ending it for as long as possible is that you’re often given access to a way to easily visit past locations at this point. A lot of sidequests and collect-a-thons open up too, as well as the super optional ultra boss that’s usually harder than the real final boss by a long way. If there’s one of those in this game remains to be seen, but there’s still all the hidden stars and cards to collect, so let’s see how many I can get when we really should be saving the world.

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