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Let’s Play Evoland #13: Seeking Super Secrets

Kikoskia Follow
  • Video description
  • 1 year ago
This is a blind playthrough of the game. As such, please avoid posting puzzle solutions or plot spoilers, so as to not spoil the experience for me or other viewers who haven’t played the game.

We’ve found many of the hidden away chests in Evolandia, amassing stars and cards for Double Twin. Be they easy to find while following the main plot, off the beaten path or located in areas of the map not marked as important, our collection has grown to an impressive size. We haven’t found them all however and while we’re getting helpful hints from the guy in Kaeris’s hometown, we’ve already explored most of those areas pretty thoroughly.

There’s one more way of obscuring secrets that we haven’t come across yet, one which is truly devious: perspective trickery. Otherwise obvious pathways can be hidden through clever positioning of the camera, the only clue that there’s somewhere to go being the presence of an area you can’t reach within sight. They prompt the observant to keep their eyes open for ways to reach it, only some of which will be telegraphed. Let’s hope all the remaining secrets are hidden with that, for the final method of concealing the route to the chests would force me to smash my face into the walls of every dungeon we’ve been in: illusions hiding the way forward.

The game wouldn’t be that mean though, right? ...Right?

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