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Let’s Play Evoland #14: Stars, Stars, Hiding Bright

Kikoskia Follow
  • Video description
  • 1 year ago
This is a blind playthrough of the game. As such, please avoid posting puzzle solutions or plot spoilers, so as to not spoil the experience for me or other viewers who haven’t played the game.

We only have a single card and a few stars left to grab before we’ve got all the collectibles in the game, but these are going to be the most deviously hidden of them all. I wouldn’t be surprised at this point if the game started throwing nested secrets at us – secrets hidden within secrets – in an effort to keep us from the finals things we’re looking for. All of this backtracking makes me glad that there are no ‘points of no return’ in this game, the bane of anyone hoping to collect everything.

Once we’ve got all the things, our hero will finally confront the villain at the Mana Tree, an encounter that will surely be both epic and full of poking fun at cliché. There’s nothing wrong with cliché in itself, for there’s no idea that hasn’t already been done in the past many times. What matters is how one uses said things; an effectively used cliché will only be noticed by those actively seeking things to nitpick at a creative work. Judging how good something is purely by the originality of it will lead to frustration, especially in something like this where the cliché is played for comedy.

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