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Let’s Play HC Minecraft Take Three #63: The Second V...

Kikoskia Follow
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  • 1 year ago
The seed for the world is -4530229098322994391 (Java Edition). Please refrain from posting spoilers about the seed, including the location of desirable resources and locations of interest.

While we were quite successful in getting our first villager for the new village, the second has proven elusive. A few zombie villagers have been encountered but they were either too far away, surrounded by too many enemies or spotted too close to day for us to save them. Try as we might, our recent night jaunts to find one have ended in failure and while I would have much preferred to cure another zombie villager, so it’s time to try a somewhat method.

Villagers are only tied to a village provided they stay within a certain distance of it. A village brought out of that radius will become a free agent as it were, idly walking about until it either locates a village to tether itself to or, more likely, it falls to the monsters that spawn at night. If you know of the location of a spawned village, you can try and move villagers from there to the village you want them to be at, though untethering them is easier said than done. Nudging them out of the village radius is all-but impossible but there are ways to prevent villagers from walking, making it easier to move them about. One of these is to use mine carts and lots and lots of rails, but we don’t have a village close enough to make that feasible. Fortunately, there’s another way to do this that’s far better for the biomes about us.

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