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Let’s Play HC Minecraft Take Three #67: Cleaning up ...

Kikoskia Follow
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  • 1 year ago
The seed for the world is -4530229098322994391 (Java Edition). Please refrain from posting spoilers about the seed, including the location of desirable resources and locations of interest.

We’ve been focused have I been on getting the village up and running that other things have been neglected. Resource gathering is one of those things but I’m not going to be doing any of that for a while yet. What I can do however is tidy up my courtyard and the area surrounding the village, removing long grass and a few other small things to keep everywhere looking nice. It may have no mechanical effect aside from gaining a few seeds, but I like to keep the place I call home looking neat when I can.

My main focus for some time will be the village, getting more of them, to higher levels and ensuring that they’re safe. The first two can easily be achieved by having enough viable beds and food for the villagers, along with things to trade to them to get their levels higher. The latter won’t be too difficult to sort out with the selection of villagers we have, for we can easily accumulate food, fish and the esoteric items that the cleric desires. Other villagers will be more picky with what they’ll buy but never to the point that we’ll run out of things to sell them.

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