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Let’s Play HC Minecraft Take Three #68: Trades Galore

Kikoskia Follow
  • Video description
  • 1 year ago
The seed for the world is -4530229098322994391 (Java Edition). Please refrain from posting spoilers about the seed, including the location of desirable resources and locations of interest.

Once I have a village set up close to my main base of operations, I tend to spend a lot of time there trading. There’s always something I want from the villagers, a never-ending cycle of accumulating wealth to get things that are otherwise hard to find. For me, those items are enchanted books and diamond equipment, though the latter I only ever need enough of to make my endgame magical equipment. Whether we’ll get anywhere near the regalia I have in my survival world here depends entirely on how well I do with my librarians.

Some would say that you should cycle out certain villagers if you find that one of their later trades aren’t cheap enough or exactly what you want – weaponsmiths, armoursmiths and toolsmiths come to mind as specific examples. Such is the investment in getting them to the master however that I don’t think that’s worthwhile. You can always accumulate more emeralds if the trade is a little more costly and if the enchantments already on a piece of equipment aren’t good, you can strip them off and apply your own. It’ll take more time to get exactly what you want, sure, but we have nothing but time right now.

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