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Let's Play Perisno 0.81 Warband Mod Gameplay Part 33...

ReformistTM Follow
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  • 10 months ago
Let's Play Perisno 0.81 Warband Mod Gameplay Part 33 (BUILDING A DEFENSE) - Scout Wilkins returns to Perisno with a drastically different face (and body), the wonders of cosmetic surgery know no bounds! This time Scout is focusing on his persuasiveness while being an absolute terror with a bow, let's hope he remembers how to shoot...and talk...
● Download Perisno 0.81 - http://bit.ly/PerisnoDownload
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Names featured here are part of the $10 and above tier reward and are updated every month.
● Roberto Heese
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● Onishadow
● Op de Beeck Ward
● Kevin Lust
● The_Grim_Reaper
● Melan Moon
● Uncle Bob
● Fyhrr Skvelt
● Dennis Askling

● What is Perisno ?
"Perisno is a total conversion slight fantasy mod based in the fictional land of Perisno. Only you, the player, can get a proper feel of what it is really like. From battling factions of all sizes, encountering unexpected events, and discovering unique opportunities, Perisno is full of opportunities. Seek total domination or support another Lord in the rise of their kingdom.
Enter... and you may never return.

Perisno implements a fitting array of fantasy races; elves, dwarves, and giants. There are mythological creatures and magic; though magic is out of the player's reach. You can also choose to wield powerful relics like the mighty Flamebringer and Skyfall.

Numerous factions of both major and minor importance together bring different strengths, balance, and styles of war to the field. And remember, no one is created equal. Some factions are purposely insuperior in certain situations. You may find taking a town or castle from Elintor exceedingly difficult, but then you turn around and crush twice your number in elves with a group of Drachenritters in the field.

From heroic knights to opportunistic bandits and the lost Kingdom of Perisno itself, the player can ally or oppose whoever they like, as every faction has the potential to gain power and even dominate Perisno. However, all who venture must be wary; for the land of Perisno is full of dangers and enemies at every corner. The unwary traveler may find themselves suddenly opposing invading forces from lands unknown, or even the Dreaded One itself."
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