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Let’s Play Portal 2 #19: Shoot for the Moon

Kikoskia Follow
  • Video description
  • 1 year ago
This is a blind playthrough of the game. As such, please avoid posting puzzle solutions or plot spoilers, so as to not spoil the experience for me or other viewers who haven’t played the game.

...For even if you miss, you will still be amongst the stars. Unfortunately, being amongst the stars is only good when you’re in a spaceship, something that we lack alongside hope of surviving beyond the hour. Wheatley is determined to see us defeated at all costs and while he wasn’t doing much to prevent the laboratory from exploding when we weren’t there, he certainly isn’t focusing on preventing that now we’re closing in on his lair. He’s presented us with an alternative to having our final showdown, but getting mashed by an automated mashing thingy is far from appealing, especially when there’s still a chance that we’ll prevail.

Granted, that chance is so small that it’s more likely GlaDOS will transform into a flying sheep that fires prismatic laser beams out of its eyes that turn everything they touch into toffee, but it’s still better than no chance at all. Who knows, we might be lucky.

With Portal 2 over, I can safely say that it is an absolutely fantastic game which builds upon everything that made the first game good and makes it better. The plot is engaging, the characters in-depth – Wheatley was a joy to behold - and the humour both funny and well-timed. The twists and turns of the narrative came as a surprise, taking the story in directions I could never have seen coming and fleshing out the lore of Aperture Laboratories, a place I hadn’t thought I wanted to know about until now. The graphics still hold up well after all these years, as does the music and sound direction, but what matters most are the puzzles. A game like this lives and dies on its puzzles and I’m happy to say that they’re exemplary, starting you off slow and building up your skill base so you’re ready for the devious enigmas later on. Never does the game feel like it’s being unfair and though a few of them stumped me, it was never for long. I’d mention the weak points of the game here but honestly, I can’t think of any. It doesn’t add needless layers of complexity or drag on too long, nor is there a huge difficulty spike at any point. It truly was a joy to finally play through this game and I enthusiastically recommend that you give it a try, whether you’ve played through the first game or not. You won’t be disappointed.

So what’s next? Normally I’d give you some hints about what’s to come, but not this time. No amount of time would prepare you for what’s to come anyway, so I’ll leave this one as a surprise. You’re not ready for this though, no-one is… not even me.

See you next let’s play!

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