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Let's Play The Sims #58: Dave and Yvette Discover Ma...

Kikoskia Follow
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  • 10 months ago
Magic is a part of the game I never explored much in this game, as Makin' Magic was the last expansion and by then my interest for the game had waned. Because of this, I didn't try casting any spells or even visit Magic Town, using the expansion for little more then a selection of new items. Since a lot of what was added was used in the spells, I barely scratched the surface of what the main focus of it was and playing it now, I regret that. The collection of ingredients and discovering what the spells do would've certainly hooked my interest, opening up a whole new set of goals to strive for as well as a new set of locations to visit and design. Fortunately I can rectify the mistakes of the past and give the games final expansion the attention it deserves.

With all this in mind, Magic Town isn't a place I really have any experience with or in-depth knowledge of how it works. I don't know the ideal ways to gain magicoins or where I can get what ingredient the best way, so its definitely going to be a learning experience for me. For now, I think Dave needs to get his bearings in the magical land down the small hole in his lot, the better that we can return there later with a plan on what we want to get and how to get it.

Yvette may not have anything magical planned, but improving her skills is always a good idea as the household has a substantial deficit in that department, especially mechanical. Cooking isn't a a bad idea either for her considering that she gets up earlier then Dave, but all progress is good progress. As for Dog? He only needs to work on being Dog, something he's mastered over many days of rigorous training.

And if you think things may be reaching a certain plateau of stability for Dave and Yvette, you ain't seen nothing yet.
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