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Level Squish FAQ - Heirlooms, Flying and More

Hazelnuttygames Follow
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  • 2 years ago
Answering common questions about the Shadowlands Level Squish! Going over heirlooms, what level various alts can expect to be squished to, when you can transmog various expansion's mog, the accompanying item level squish, leveling speed and more. This information is from the Shadowlands Alpha and may change before Shadowlands releases later this year.

Wondering how running old raids will feel post-squish? I did some Alpha Testing on just that in this video: https://youtu.be/fu9m51OoswU

The 'too long, didn't watch version can be summed up as
- You can guess a character's post-squish level by dividing by 2.4.
- There is also an item level squish, and while we're getting weaker, so is everything else.
- Heirlooms are still in and continue to offer stats, but the exp is currently disabled on alpha. They appear unfinished so this is still a wait and see.
- You can transmog appearances from BC-BfA starting at level 10, and Shadowlands at level 48.
- You can slow mount at 10, fast mount at 20, slow fly at 30, and fast fly at 40. The top two flight levels are combined and you go right to 310% flight from 150%.
- Allied Races start at level 10, Non-Allied DKs and DHs start at level 8.
- Shadowlands Leveling seems fast - DesMephisto did 1-50 in 5h36 but it's likely to see tuning from there, also he's very good. UPDATE: He has once again surpassed this record and done it in 3 hours and 56 minutes.

Level Squish Basics: 0:00
Why a Level Squish? 0:27
What Level Will My Alt Be? 0:59
Are We Getting Weaker? 1:54
What's Up With Heirlooms in Shadowlands? 2:53
When Can You Transmog Stuff? 3:46
When Can You Fly? 4:10
What Level Do Allied Races/DH/DK Start? 5:44
How Fast is Shadowlands 1-50 Leveling? 6:32

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