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Life is a beach in Sydney- Travel Blog on what to do...

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  • 7 years ago
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A brief video (I was actually limited to three minutes) on the things to do and sights to see in Australia's capital in all but name.

This fantastic city offers the delights of any big metropolis, but it's biggest draw has to be the fact that it's blessed with gorgeous beaches. And they all come in all shapes, forms and sizes! I don't know if I get that across in this video! ;)

The other incredible thing about Australia, and what amazes me the most, is how young a country it is! Only 225 years old, and founded completely by convicts. England must have had an excellent crop of convicts at the time!

I wish I had more than 3 minutes, because there really is so much I left out on this video, but hopefully you get the idea of the amount of fun to be had in this city. I didn't even begin to cover Kings Cross! I'll leave that for the next video...
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