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LOADOUT : Random Weapon 4! COMEBACK!! (Game Chooses ...

Mr. Fruit Gaming Channel Follow
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  • 7 years ago
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With the return of the great Mr. Fruit, it's only natural that he gives you guys some great Loadout footage. Enjoy!

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Loadout highlights. In weapon customization I let the game choose a random weapon, I buy it, and try and get MVP with it! I'm sure you can guess how the rest played out, but you should still watch the video for some awesome Loadout gameplay! You'll learn some great tips and tricks as always. I was lucky to enough that I randomly got the best gun! Thanks Loadout!


Mr. Fruit:


Who is Mr. Fruit you ask? Mr. Fruit is a YouTuber who primarily loves to play - almost anything. He wants to spread the fun, laughter, and friendship it can create. He hopes that you'll stick around his channel not primarily for one single game - although that's perfectly fine - but rather because you enjoy gaming and you enjoy a variety of things and just watching Mr. Fruit make a fool of himself. While he does generally play FPS games, he's looking to expand as his audience grows and move on to more varied content. This being his second channel, Mr. Fruit promises quality content that he hopes will bring a smile or laugh to all those who watch. Outside of videos, when he plays games he can sometimes be serious and "try-hard". While those videos don't express it, Mr. Fruit is above average at most games and loves playing them competitively. Thanks for your time and for reading a little bit more about who Mr. Fruit is!


Game Description :


Loadout just released on Steam and is a new Free-to-play FPS game. It promises frantic action and insane gameplay along with rediculous customization.Loadout is the fast-paced, free to play multiplayer shooter featuring over-the-top frenetic action, comedic violence, and Weaponcrafting with billions of combinations. Create, Customize, Kill! is the Weaponcrafting slogan for a reason. Unleash your inner mad-scientist to craft guns for every map and situation. There are billions of combinations—what's your Loadout? Loadout is Free to Play, not Pay to Win. Playing Loadout earns Blutes, which can be used in the Tech Tree to unlock more weapon parts, payloads, and equipment. Spacebux are purchasable but optional, and spent in the Outfitter for character customization and cosmetics, never power. Pick from two ways to play: Casual and Competitive. Casual offers the core Loadout experience and Competitive is for the serious gamer seeking to take it to the next level. Switch between modes at any time.

[Rumors are floating around that this Loadout may come to consoles (Xbox One and PS4) but there's been no evidence to back it up.]

Following those rumors, it's clear now that Loadout will be coming to PS4 soon! The beta has no launch date set but the developers are hard at work.


Outro Song:
'Chiptune Does Dubstep' by Teknoaxe
License: Royalty Free

Sound Effects:
'Realistic Punch'
License: CC Atrribution 3.0

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