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Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse Review Vs Razer Naga

JoblessGarrett Follow
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  • 8 years ago
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The mouse is perhaps the only PC peripheral that has changed a virtually countless number of times since its introduction almost 50 years ago. Sure the basic concept has remained the same even after 50 years but the technology and design have not and although most of us grew up using the rather old PS/2 ball mice we now have both optical and laser USB/wireless mice which are many times faster, can be used on most surfaces and usually have more than just two primary buttons. Gaming mice are even more advanced with better precision/accuracy, increased speeds, many buttons (usually with high quality switches) and several features that can help gamers dominate the battlefield with ease. The G600 MMO Gaming Mouse by Logitech which we have here with us today was designed and manufactured specifically for gamers who play Massive Multiplayer Online games and thus require more buttons than normal single player games to use as shortcuts in order to effectively improve their response times (naturally since you are going up against countless enemies controlled by real people).

Focused on innovation and quality, Logitech designs personal peripherals to help people enjoy a better experience with the digital world. We started in 1981 with mice, which (new at the time) provided a more intuitive way of interacting with a personal computer. We became the worldwide leader in computer mice, and have reinvented the mouse in dozens of ways to match the evolving needs of PC and laptop users. Since those early days, we have expanded our expertise in product design beyond the computer mouse, with a broad portfolio of interface devices that are the "last inch" between you and your computer or your console game, digital music or home-entertainment system. With products sold in almost every country in the world, Logitech's leadership in innovation now encompasses a wide variety of personal peripherals (both cordless and corded), with special emphasis on products for PC navigation, gaming, Internet communications, digital music and home-entertainment control. For each of our product categories, we study how our customers use their digital devices, and then our designers and engineers set their sights on how we can create a better experience with those devices -- richer, more comfortable, more fun, more productive, more convenient, and more delightful.

The G line of products by Logitech has been around for many years and is quite popular especially amongst gamers since that line includes several best-selling input devices like the G15/19 gaming keyboards, the G25/27 racing wheels and the G500/700 gaming mice. However unlike Razer and their quite famous Naga/Naga Hex MMO gaming mice to date Logitech never actually focused in creating a gaming mice with MMO players in mind and that's where G600 comes in. The G600 MMO gaming mouse features a lightning fast 8200DPI laser sensor, a total of 20 buttons (12 thumb buttons/two primary buttons/G-shift button/scroll wheel/two top DPI selection buttons) and enough onboard memory to store up to three profiles. Now what's really somewhat impressive is that by using the G-Shift button you can map each of the 12 thumb buttons twice resulting in a total of 24 different functions accessible from your thumb. Is that enough however for the G600 to go up against other gaming mice in the market and more specifically the Razer Naga? We think so. :)

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