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LORE - ICO Lore in a Minute!

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  • 3 years ago
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Tomato Gaming is here with your ICO Lore!

Written by Gainesaurus:

Voiced by Tomato Gaming:

Animated by Digsbot:


In a far-off castle, a beautiful queen once ruled, but the queen turned to dark magic to keep herself young. She soon realized the spells would not sustain her indefinitely and searched the world for a permanent solution. With the unwitting aid of a distant, superstitious village, her plans were soon set in motion.

For generations in this village, a small number of children had been born with horns growing from their heads. The townsfolk blamed their misfortunes on the accursed children, so at age 12, they were taken to the distant castle and placed in a stone sarcophagus in sacrifice to the queen. The children perished, becoming brooding shadow creatures, key figures in the Queen's sinister plans.

When Ico, a horned boy, is sealed in a stone sarcophagus to wait for death, a fateful tremor sends it crashing to the floor. Knocked out by the impact, Ico dreams of a hanging cage in the center of a cylindrical room but wakes up when shadow creatures disturb the dream. Searching the castle for a way out, Ico finds the room from his dream with a hanging cage holding a strangely luminescent girl. Is she to be sacrificed, too?

As Ico, take the young girl's hand. Only together can you escape your grim fates, fight off the shadow creatures, and thwart the dark magic of the evil queen.

Have fun!


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Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound and Audio Micro

Thanks for watching Lore!
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