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Macau's Diabo, the most fascinating stew we've ever ...

Chinese Cooking Demystified Follow
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  • 1 year ago
Macanese food might just be our... new obsession. For the uninitiated, the Macanese people can sort of be thought of as a mix of Portuguese and Cantonese… but that simplification hides a much more convoluted tale (I'm no ethnographer, wikisurf the topic if you're curious). In a culinary age increasingly defined by chefs aggressively smushing together Western and Asian cuisines at the speed of business, Macanese food stands as a refreshing example of *organic* fusion – an amalgam of Portuguese and Cantonese cuisine that feels a lot… truer… than what usually gets to the top of your Instagram feed.

This dish in particular was especially mind blowing for us. It's a classic stew that begins in the Portugese style, takes some notes from Malaysian Kristang Curry Debal... in order to eat leftover Cantonese roast meats. It then thickens in one of the most unique ways I've ever seen to thicken a stew. If you're interested at all in the intersection/interplay of Chinese/Western cooking... you have to try your hand at this dish. It's just... really cool.

Note though that Macanese food can be a bit tough of the research front, so while we're confident in our sources we do apologize in advance if there ended up being any errors or omissions. If you are Macanese and/or are otherwise familiar with the cuisine, definitely reach out to us (email address in our about page) as we're actively looking for people to potentially bounce recipes off of - the lack of availability of ethnically Macanese restaurants for us to test against can present a bit of a challenge.

Written recipe's over here on /r/cooking:


Huge thank you to My Home Your Home, their Curry Debal recipe is here:


And if you'd like to see another Curry Debal recipe, also check out this one via the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore's channel:


And another huge thank you to the French Cooking Academy. Definitely give them a sub if you're interested in this kind of serious cooking content, they're one of our favorite channels on YouTube. Their sauce gribiche video's here in case you missed the card:


And check out our Patreon if you'd like to support the project!


Outro Music: "Add And" by Broke For Free

Learn how to cook real deal, authentic Chinese food! We post recipes every Friday (unless we happen to be travelling) :)

We're Steph and Chris - a food-obsessed couple that lives in Shenzhen, China. Steph is from Guangzhou and loves cooking food from throughout China - you'll usually be watching her behind the wok. Chris is a long-term expat from America that's been living in China and loving it for the last eleven years - you'll be listening to his explanations and recipe details, and doing some cooking at times as well.

This channel is all about learning how to cook the same taste that you'd get in China. Our goal for each video is to give you a recipe that would at least get you close to what's made by some of our favorite restaurants here. Because of that, our recipes are no-holds-barred Chinese when it comes to style and ingredients - but feel free to ask for tips about adaptations and sourcing too!
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