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Mai Girls Revolutions [アイ・舞・ミー] Game Sample - PC/Dou...

Vysethedetermined2 Follow
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  • 13 years ago
Original Air Date: April 04, 2009

MGR is a neat fighting game once again made with a Fighter Maker program, and sequel to "Ai Mai Mii". There are a lot of characters, many which are even given their own little story or different way to play (for instance, one character can't win a match until she sucks the remaining energy from defeated opponents), and branching fight paths. By example, we used Mai (one of the main girls) and she normally fights a ninja girl after the first opponent, but if you brutally win, you go to fight strange characters. Continuing to win allows you to go to some kind of Bonus Stage.

Most characters have a LOT of different moves to utilize, there are a lot of stages and little secrets and extras, and Mai Girls Revolutions (or "Ai Mai Mii Girls Revolutions", MGR for short) is certainly one of the most expansive fighter maker titles currently out there. It's worth noting that this is an expansion or "sequel" to the original "Mai" (though most sites don't reference the Girls Revolutions part, which leads to some confusion) which has become pretty tough to locate. Enjoy.

Note: The Japanese Characters, アイ・舞・ミー say "Eye Mai Me". It can be interpreted in several ways since the main character is Mai but because the Kanji also means dancing or to dance. Additionally, while the Katakana represents English words like Eye and Me, they can also be names such as Ay, Ai, and Mee. However, the real reason it's "Eye Me" is because the game falls under what is some know as チラリズム or Chirarizumu in Japan. It is better if you look that term up.

You can get the original game by copying this URL into your address bar:


Also, Girls Revolution can be found at:



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