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Mario Maker: Your 7th Grade NIGHTMARE!

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  • 5 years ago
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I'm forced to relive some horrible moments from my 7th grade experience. It is the absolute WORST! But to all those 7th graders out there, don't worry life get's better. You know what else keeps getting better? All the wonderful Mario Maker levels YOU guys keep submitting. I'm having a blast playing these.

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Levels YOU Submitted for today's video:
Legend of Mario: Shroom Temple v3 ►► CD45-0000-00E4-DF7A
Thomandy's One Screen Puzzle #27 ►► 8CA7-0000-00BB-0E45
The Dread-Thwomp ►► 0962-0000-00D8-4295
Jump-Man Rage ►► B8A3-0000-0097-A7F5
Munchers and Cavern Secrets! ►► 96ED-0000-00E3-CEA8
Piranha Pipeland! ►► EBE9-0000-00D9-FC96
Super Mario 3 Airship ►► 53D8-0000-0029-6A2E
Shake the Sky ►► 9A7B-0000-0038-C38D
Oni's Fun Time Castle ►► 09E3-0000-00E0-072C

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