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Mikuman X [ミックマンX] - PC/Doujin

Vysethedetermined2 Follow
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  • 13 years ago
Original Air Date: September 26, 2009

Mikuman X (known as Mickman X, but due to the original spelling of her name and Mick capable of being pronounced as Miku in Japan, it's a bit of a language joke of sorts) is a short and action-packed game made with the "Game Maker" program and stars Hatsune Miku, the very popular vocaloid. It's noted for its high difficulty level.

In this game, Miku can shoot basic projectiles like Mega Man (she can't charge her shots, but jumping and shooting oddly acts like a charged shot without the charge) and swing a leek like Zero's sword. She is granted very slight invincibility from most attacks with most of her attacks. The reason is because even slight errors can result in a most punishing defeat. Her job is to start outside of an enemy fortress and work her way into the boss' chamber to fight Mega Man 2's "Air Man".

In this video, I beat what I assume to be the whole game in a single life, though there is an option I can't select even though I have a save file, which bugs me a lot. If someone knows what's up with that (and if it's a level), they can fill me in and I can beat it if it's a stage. As-is, I just get booted back to the title screen after beating Air Man.

Weird thing about this video; I recorded it at 60FPS and all seemed good, so I played the game from beginning to end, but Camtasia oddly converted the video to 30FPS afterwards and added some jitters to the framerate, so I apologize about that. I was too lazy to find the cause and do the vid over, but I've recorded games with much higher system requirements at 60FPS. Oh, and the game slows down every time I strike an enemy, so the game gets really slow when I rush through a lot of enemies. I dunno if that's a Vista issue or something, but it threw off my responses a few times. Watching a few other videos, it seems natural.

People love Hatsune Miku. Anyway, enjoy.

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