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Miley Cyrus '23' Makeup Tutorial

Ana Victorino Follow
  • Video description
  • 7 years ago
Hi there! Please read the description carefully. :)

I'm reuploading some of my makeup tutorials which got deleted by YouTube due to "spam"(I wasn't spamming or anything). I am very disappointed that they deleted my videos without a notice---its so easy to change the description box(if there ever was a copyright problem or spam), right? I don't have the original copies of the rest since my macbook died 3 times already and was forced to delete every content in my laptop so I can have more space. Anyway, I'm thankful to some users who reuploaded my videos years ago. I was able to download my OWN videos even though they didn't ask my permission----which is also weird cause why didn't YouTube delete those? Booooo.

EDIT: I found out the reason why they deleted my videos was because I have tags in my description. A StyleHaul crew asked me to put tags in my description to gain more traffic to my channel—that was maybe just a few months after April 2012. Is this policy already effective by that time? I’m so confused.

P.S. I'm making NEW content for this channel. Stay tuned!
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