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Minecraft Ideas - Fun Properties of Water (Water Cha...

The Minecraft Muse Follow
  • Video description
  • 9 years ago
Turn on annotations for closed captioning.

Difficulty: 2/5

0:00 Basic Water Flow
0:43 Water's 8 Block Distance
0:56 Moving Items
1:21 Moving Creatures
2:02 Inside a Gravity Trap's Spawn Area (Utilizing Creature Movement)
2:51 Bottom of a Gravity Trap (Utilizing Item Movement)

A brief synopsis on some of the functional properties of water.

The music is a cover of Minecraft: Volume Alpha's song Sweden, performed by me and my guitar, and has been recreated with permission from C418. It can be found by following this link:

Here is a link to purchase the original version of Sweden

The site I got the tab from is here:

After I have performed a good amount of songs for this series (12-15), I will be releasing an album, so stay updated!

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