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MINI Monuments of Mahabalipuram - NO ONE will show y...

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  • 1 week ago
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Hey guys, today I am gonna show you some ancient rock temples in Mahabalipuram, you have never ever seen them before, Even if you visited Mahabalipuram before, nobody has shown them to you. They are never seen by tourists, the tour guides - don't even know these exist. Even on YouTube, all travel channels want to show you only large beautiful monuments like this I am also guilty of doing this, but today it is going to be different, ok?
You see those rocks on the beach, we are going to go and see if that could be an ancient temple. This was not shot today guys, it was shot many months before the lock down, so you see nobody visits these places at all. You do not read about them even in archeological papers, why? Because they are just considered as rocks, not carvings. But they are hiding a big secret, okay?
Look at this one, this is very close to the water, is this natural or is it carved, do you see any tool marks? How about now, from a different angle? Do you see anything strange? Do you see any type of carving at all? What is this? It is just weird, is that a hand or something? Is it a buffalo's head? The water has smoothened all the carvings, making it look very strange.
This is the Giant Buffalo headed demon called Mahishasura with his right hand near his mouth and his left hand raised a little above his head. Now you realize, this is not a natural rock, and these are artificial carvings. The buffalo is shown with his tongue sticking out, You can even see his bracelet if you observe carefully.

There is a Square chamber at the center of this rock. Inside, quite possibly a female deity called Mahishasura Mardini, meaning the Goddess who killed the Buffalo like Demon. The square chamber is flanked by 2 lions guarding the doorway. Lions are always carved next to this deity. And inside the square chamber, You can see traces of turmeric and bright red vermilion. This means that there are some locals who still come here and worship this deity on a regular basis. They do rituals with turmeric and vermilion and pray to this deity. This is very very interesting, because half the time of the year, this temple, is inaccessible because of the ocean. I know, today, you just think I am exaggerating this, because the temple is easy to access and the water is a little bit far away. But I have visited this place many times, and half the time, the ocean comes in and it is very difficult to access this temple. So, I am lucky that I was able to film this, and it is only because nature allowed me to film this. And in this situation, you know the lockdown situation because of COVID19 pandemic, we perfectly understand how powerful nature is.

In fact, I want to show you 2 more temples like this, which are only a few hundred feet away from here. Where are they? Yes those two rocks, in the water. Locals say that, yes, those two rocks in the water are also temples, just like the one we just saw. Except water never recedes to that point. I hope someday I get to show you those 2 temples as well. I want to see it, and I am sure that you would also want to see these ancient temples. But for the time being, it is just taken over by nature, this is the real power of nature. I mean think about, even if archeology department wants to protect these temples, what can you do? And they try to save the bigger monuments. The shore temple was originally taken over by tides all the time. And they had to put an enormous amount of rocks around the temple, to save the shore temple from the ocean. So we know there are sunken temples, but sadly, we cannot protect them.

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