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Minimalism Challenge Day 1: Purse | #5DaystoMinimalism

Lavendaire Follow
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  • 6 years ago
Cleaning out my purse for the #5DaystoMinimalism Challenge!

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After tidying my purse, I realize how anticlimactic this video is... I know it's not an exciting/dramatic change, but it's because I already try to keep only what I need/want in my bag. This is just an example of regular maintenance & clearing out every once in a while. Also, I switch between bags often so this is an example of ALL the things I would carry. If I carry a smaller bag I'll remove the pouches and larger things, and at minimum I'll carry my phone, car key, chapstick, and cards.

// FAQ Answered
▸ My wallet is from Prada. I lived in Milan in 2011 and before I left, I bought this as a special gift to myself to remind me of the city before I came back to the US. Prada's flagship is in Milan and the wallet says "Prada Milano" :)
▸ My bag is the Alexander Wang Rocco (original). I bought it used off Ebay in 2011. I've worn it to death so the leather at the sides are tearing off lol.
▸ The pouches are from the dollar store in Japan! Best things ever.

// 5 Days to Minimalism Challenge
DAY 1 | Purse
DAY 2 | Car
DAY 3 | Digital
DAY 4 | Makeup bag
DAY 5 | Fridge

Make sure to use #5DaystoMinimalism and tag @lavendaire and @naturallythriftymom with your photos/snaps/tweets of our journey! I can't wait to see your posts! :)

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