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MLB 15 The Show Diamond Dynasty Pack Opening NEW PAC...

Two Brothers Gaming | NBA 2K16 My Team + My Career Follow
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  • 7 years ago
MLB 15 The Show Diamond Dynasty Pack Opening NEW PACKS AND CAMO ITEM PULL! - Leave a Like and Subscribe for More: http://youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=xrobbyh14x

MLB 15 The Show Diamond Dynasty Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyUdVbJ0a6Qlr8BuVEStpUaUhWWAkS6jE

MLB 15 The Show Diamond Dynasty mode is all about putting together YOUR team of favorite ballplayers, and it's much improved this year. We now have Legends, and can even have our own custom player swap positions and fit into your lineup a lot easier. I look forward to providing Diamond Dynasty tips, gameplay, pack openings, and online matches. With the contract improvements as well, Diamond Dynasty in MLB 15 The Show is looking like a winner. I can't wait to show you guys all the MLB 15 Diamond Dynasty Pack Openings, Diamond Dynasty Tips, and especially the all-powerful MLB 15 The Show Diamond Dynasty gameplay!

In the trailer for Diamond Dynasty, the title was, "Diamond Dynasty Distilled," and I really like the way things are set up this year to be simpler and more manageable. I will be fully invested in the mode as I am with every series on the channel, so no more breaks - DD will be year-round on the channel, so get your teams ready! MLB 15 The Show is for real! I cannot wait to bring you plenty of MLB 15 The Show Diamond Dynasty Pack Openings too, and talk about all the new players and legends after I complete team collections.

There are a ton of great changes to Diamond Dynasty include no more contracts, the addition of legends, no card recycler, one position-changable Dynasty player, and a starting pitcher randomizer so you aren't facing the same pitchers every time, encouraging a well-balanced staff. These will definitely keep me playing Diamond Dynasty for a long time to come. In pack openings, you can get Road to the Show and Franchise
items, as well as accessories that help your players! Extra Innings is fixed this year as well, so hopefully my lineup can stay valid and I can play some of you guys! I'll be getting those Stubs and hopefully you will too. I don't plan on slowing down with the uploads on this like last year; I can see the changes and plan
on bringing plenty of online and offline gameplay. I will be playing this series year-round and investing fully in it, so I hope we have a lot of new packs and content coming out regularly so we can build a Diamond Dynasty community. If it goes well, I may do some Diamond Dynasty live streams on Twitch. I hope to be able to reach out and provide feedback on the game too so MLB 16 Diamond Dynasty is even better!

I plan on getting some legends, using my own created Dynasty player, and then hopefully some good Giants players like Hunter Pence, along with some of the best pitchers in the game. With the Dynasty player, he can now play any position at any time, so I will be trying to get the best player I can to fill in the gaps where my team may lack. Hopefully I can grab some diamond cards or
gold cards to get me on the path to success and play a bunch of games for you guys. Road to Diamond Mike Trout, anyone? We'll see, but it's all in the name of fun in MLB 15 The Show Diamond Dynasty mode!

I really hope you enjoy the content, and be sure to stay up with Bill and I at our social links below:


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