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MONSTER of Bodybuilding | HUGE BACK

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  • 2 months ago
Charles Griffen (www.instagram.com/charlesgriffen_ifbbpro/) is an IFBB professional bodybuilder and sponsored athlete from Arizona, U.S.A. He rose to fame rapidly, gaining fans through his sheer dedication to the sport, and winning several major competitions along the way.

Unfortunately, when he was a young man his mother died which “devastated” him – making him very angry towards the world. He says that without bodybuilding, he would have almost certainly gone down a criminal path, so he credits his mothers guiding spirit for steering him away from this.

Fast forward to today, and Charles has dedicated his life to being a professional bodybuilder. He achieved his pro card at the 2014 NPC Minnesota State Light Heavyweight, and since then, he’s won a professional competition. This is Charles Griffen’s story:

Early Years
Charles had a very active childhood. He grew up in Arizona, becoming heavily involved in sports in junior high school and playing football, baseball and basketball.

While he loved football as a boy, he wasn’t picked for any football teams in high school as the coaches all said he was too small at 5’5″. Instead of football, Charles chose to run in his school track and field team, continuing to play basketball to a high standard.

Drug Addiction And Finding Bodybuilding
Charles’ guiding light in his life was his mother. She passed away suddenly in 2012, and he says that, to him, it felt like the “end of the world.” Following her death, Charles sunk into a spiral of bad behavior and recklessness – taking drugs and riding dangerously on his motorbike.

He credits his love for his mother, as the power which made him change his ways. He believes that she guided him toward bodybuilding, and showd him that the sport could be an outlet for his anger and despair.

Learning The Ropes
Charles became friends with a man who was a competitive bodybuilder, and he gradually brought Charles into the sport. He took Charles to watch pro shows, showing him basic lifts – which he enjoyed learning.

At this early stage, he admits that all he trained “was chest and arms, arms and chest!” He also says that his leg training rarely (if ever) happened, so his proportions were all wrong.

“If I had not found this sport I honestly don’t know where I would be right now. That is actually very scary to even think about. I will say probably not in a good place. I know that much, and I’m going to leave it right there. This sport saved my life and I am just thankful for that. I prefer to concentrate on the gift of tomorrow.”
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