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Mr Freeze Reverse Blast On-ride Front Seat (HD POV) ...

Deathbyillusion Follow
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  • 9 years ago

Take a ride on Mr Freeze Reverse Blast LIM Launch Roller Coaster as you get launched in reverse 0-70 MPH in 3.8 Seconds with a height of 218ft and there is 1 inversion which is a top hat inside. You then go up the top on the other side and then go forward back down through what you just went through. To speed up getting so many riders on per hour they have 2 trains one on a side-to-side sliding launch track and as the one side slides back into the station let guests out the other train simultaneously slides over to be launched as both trains are connected on the same sliding pad at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, Texas.

You normally were launched forward as was named Mr Freeze but for the 2012 season they reversed the trains so you get launched in reverse and then was renamed Mr Freeze Reverse Blast.

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