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My Lower Body Strength Routine (weighted) For Beginners

Christine Salus Follow
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  • 4 years ago
I have put together 2 circuits for you. You should not do both circuits on the same day (they should be done a few days apart).

Circuit 1: Do four rounds of the following
1) Deadlifts (12-15 reps)
2) Bulgarians (12-15 reps per leg)
3) 1 legged squat (12 reps per leg)
4) calf raises (do until fatigue)

**at the end of each round you could do 3-5 min of intense cardio, like burpees, bike sprints, high knees etc.

Circuit 2: Do four rounds of the following
1) Single leg deadliest (12-15 reps per leg)
2) goblet squats (15 reps)
3) Hip raises (12-15 reps)
4) Step ups with lunge (12-15 reps per leg)
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