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My New Clothing Line!

Sprinkleofglitter Follow
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  • 4 years ago
Spring Sprinkle of Glitter/Louise Pentland Clothing Line
Shop The Line - http://bit.ly/1njKYEA

I am so proud and excited to launch this new range of #GlitterClothes with Simply Be!!! I designed and love each and every piece. Ranging from a size 10-32, I hope that these clothes allow the wearer to feel confident, fun and above all, beautiful.

In the coming weeks I will be doing a full show & tell/try on video to show you each detail and tell you all the special things about each garment so do keep your eyes open for that. This video is a behind the scenes of the shoot- a SUPER fun day! Can you spot my little mascot running around? Hehe

Your body is precious and wonderful, never hide away, never feel less than you are, allow yourself to live joyfully for all of your days.

My Places ::

Chatter Channel : http://bit.ly/1mrbrsl
Twitter - https://twitter.com/#!/Sprinkleofglitr
Pinterest - http://pinterest.com/louiseglitter/
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/sprinkleofgli...
Instagram - http://instagram.com/sprinkleofglitr

Shop my fashion line! - http://bit.ly/1LzACZ3

Order my Book (UK) - http://amzn.to/1AGXbcG
Order my Book (USA) - http://bit.ly/1GKnEWc

Order A Diary (UK) - http://amzn.to/1HIlG5X
Order A Diary (USA) - http://amzn.to/1L7OJHu


About Me ::

Aloha, I'm Louise! I started this channel in 2009 after readers of my blog (also called Sprinkle of Glitter) suggested I give YouTube a try. I was instantly hooked and have found my internet playground on here. I make videos about beauty products, fashion, positive living, lifestyle and occasionally have special guests (friends, kittens or my sweet Daughter Darcy) come and have fun on here too!

I try to upload every Monday (around 6pm GMT) and also upload on my second channel (Sprinkle of Chatter) on a more ad hoc basic. I'm a free spirit!

I chitchat every single day on my other social media (linked below) so do some and say hi and I have recently launched a beautiful book, 'Life With A Sprinkle of Glitter', which is out now in the UK and available for pre-order (released September 15th) in the US.

Big sparkly hugs and kisses,

Louise xxx


Special thanks to Jack Howard for filming and editing this video and being so fun to hang out with at the shoot.

Jack's Channel - https://www.youtube.com/JackHoward


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