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My Top Six Essential Savory Spices ~ Top Six List ~ ...

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  • 3 months ago
Starting a new series that will be sprinkled among the videos in the coming months! My "Top Six List". This will cover everything from the spice rack, the pantry, the baking shelf and the cookware cupboard. Today we start with my top six essential savory spices that I cannot live without. The impetus behind this series is the many questions I get from people asking for suggestions for the basics, the most important or the best items that I love in my kitchen.

This top six list is focusing on my top six essential savory spices. We all have them! You know, the ones we reach for time and time again? These are mine. I think they are very basic and they do not include salt and pepper because I feel like those go without saying. Salt and pepper should be in everyone's kitchen.

This list is also a great for new marrieds, young professionals who are just starting out or college students who are living on their own. Really anyone who wants to start off with the right building blocks in their kitchen while still living on a budget. These six savory spices are the ones I reach for all the time and without exception have staying power when cooking just about anything for dinner.

1) Garlic Powder: This is a no brainer. Garlic powder is going to add so much flavor to whatever you are cooking. From burgers, chicken roasts, pasta sauce, veggies or whatever!

2) Onion powder: This is just as important, in my opinion, as garlic powder. This is the only way I can really get onion flavor into some things that my youngest daughter will tolerate. Onion powder has a very different flavor from fresh onions. It is much more toasty and warm. The same reasons as garlic apply here.

3)Dried parsley: You may think this is just for looks and while that may be the case in many a recipe, parsley is much more than just a pretty green sprinkly thing. Parsley has great flavor not to mention great nutrition! Add to just about anything in addition to salt, pepper, onion and garlic and you are only going to make things more delicious.

4) Paprika: I only use Hungrian Paprika and the Szeged brand, at that. It is just a personal preference and a brand that I grew up eating. No matter if you use Hungarian, Spanish or any other, paprika is a staple, in my opinion. It has a mild, pepper flavor that enhances chili, stew, chicken and beef dishes as well as fish and seafood. Paprika is always a requisite on top of a deviled egg not to mention homemade potato or macaroni salad.

5) Poultry Seasoning: The last two on my list are blends. Poultry seasoning is a great mix of sage, thyme, parsley, rosemary, sometimes lavender, cinnamon, clove and other warm spices along with spicy pepper and other herbs. If I could only have one spice on my shelf besides salt and pepper, this would be it. Full of great flavors that lend themselves to not only chicken, turkey and other poultry, but pork, fish and even beef. The perfect blend for sprinkling into homemade stuffing, rice or your dredging flour.

6) Italian Seasoning: This blend is awesome for lots of things as well. Different in flavor profile from the poultry seasoning, this one is jam packed with herbaceous goodness like oregano, basil, parsley, rosemary, thyme, red pepper flakes, garlic, onion and sometimes even lemon or orange peel. This is perfect for soups, stews, sauces, spaghetti, chili and even meatloaf.

Those are my top six "can't be without" spices. They are easy to find, and not too expensive. These can all be purchased for less than $20 depending on where you obtain them and how large of a container you purchase. You can find nearly all of these in the dollar spice bin at the dollar store or places like Big Lots. Don't discount those places for adding big flavor to your cooking on a budget!

I hope this has been a helpful primer for you! Leave me a comment and let me know what spices you always love to have on hand!

Happy Eating!

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