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Myles Dyer - Saving the Human Race | London Real

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  • 7 years ago
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London Real talks to Myles Dyer about the Universal Solutions Project
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Myles Dyer (@blade376), the YouTube Pioneer, Marketing Jedi and creator of the Universal Solutions Project, joins us to talk about his annual 24-hour live non-stop charity webcam chat for UNICEF, his recent lecture at Zeitgeist Day 2012 in London, his keen belief of the resource-based economy, and why his Universal Solutions Project will empower and educate others to make true global change.

"He's got the coolest rings I've ever seen." - Brian (00:52)

"I haven't punched anyone." - Myles (01:03)

"I organised the first ever UK YouTube gathering." - Myles(02:06)

"So YouTube changed your life?" - Brian (02:21)

"Why am I using my film script as a vehicle for my ideas when I can just speak on camera?" - Myles (03:24)

"I've become a lot more serious the past two years." - Myles (04:12)

"The internet is cutting out the middleman across all industries." - Myles (06:19)

"With KONY people became aware and then they educated themselves and realised it's a very complicated issue." - Myles (07:27)

"Charity is a form of apathy." - Myles (07:42)

"I could name you two technologies which could eradicate most famine in the world." - Myles (08:52)

"Not a lot of people say what can I do to give back." - Brian (09:54)

"I had maybe 4 mouthfuls of food in 24 hours." - Myles (11:32)

"If you prove I'm wrong I can now develop as an individual." - Myles (14:40)

"You must be working 24 hours a day." - Brian (17:20)

"The very word 'Secrecy' is repugnant in a free and open society." - Nic (23:11)

"Do people come up to you and say 'Myles what can I do?'" - Brian (28:44)

"I looked at the Venus Project which is run by a man called Jacques Fresco." - Myles (29:19)

"The first stage is to create an online database of information, the second is to enable audience acquisition, and the third is to create tools for spreading awareness." - Myles (31:29)

"It's almost like the innovator's dilemma, you need someone else to come along to get to the next level." - Brian (35:26)

"You say 'Excuse me, what matters to you?'" - Myles (37:47)

"Didn't you do this at Supercamp?" - Nic (39:58)

"I said he has the potential to be so much more." - Myles (42:10)

"You are challenging everything aren't you?" - Brian (45:45)

"I'd rather play Myles' game." - Nic (51:35)

"The scary truth is we have about 30 or 40 years to turn this world around." - Myles (54:43)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terence_McKenna -

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