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Mystery Case Files 19: Moths to a Flame CE [21] Let'...

YourGibs Gaming Follow
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  • 2 years ago
Mystery Case Files: Moths to a Flame CE let's play walkthrough gameplay playthrough
// Part 21, BONUS, LIVE STREAM (http://live.yourgibs.com)
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Series Playlist: http://bit.ly/MCF19Gibs
Developer: Eipix Entertainment
Let's Play ♦ Mystery Case Files 19: Moths to a Flame Collector's Edition with YourGibs Walkthrough commentary game play

DOWNLOAD: https://bigfi.sh/3abcMES

STORY: When a new assignment brings you to the Zenith Museum of Oddities, what was supposed to be an open and shut case spirals into a complex web of deceit. Someone knows about your past, and they’ve prepared a special tribute to all your biggest cases. But what do they want, and what will become of the innocents that stand in their way? You’ll need all your skills to stop the dangerous foe that threatens to use your past against you in this heart-pounding new chapter in the classic hidden-object puzzle adventure game saga!

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