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Naagin Serial On Location Shoot | 27 November 2015

Bollywood Life Follow
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  • 5 years ago
The story is about two ichchadari naagins named Shivanya, and Shesha. Shivanya wants to take revenge for her parents' death who were killed by Ankush, Viren and tanvi's dad with 2 other unknown people for getting the naagmani. She enters into Ankush's family as a maid. Sesha tries to kill Ankush but fails. Yamini sees Sesha transforming into a snake and calls a snake charmer (Sapera) to expose her. Sesha became a snake and escapes from house. Ritik (Ankush's son) is engaged to Tanvi who he doesn't love but she loves him as they were childhood friends. Yamini (Ritik's mom) tries to get her son married before he turns 25 years old as after that he is destined to die by a naagin bite if he doesn't get married Caused because of a curse in his Kundli (Markesh Dosh) caused because of his dad's bad doing of killing to Naag(ins) on the noght of Shivratri. Ritik and Shivanya fall in love. Tanvi knows about Ritik's love for Shivanya but she is still adament to marry Ritik. It is later revealed that Tanvi does not love Ritik but wants to marry him due to his wealth and good-looks. Viren gets lost on Shivanya and tortured her. Finally Shivanya changes into naagin and bites him. Viren is in comma on Ritik and Tanvi's wedding day. Yamini have a grit determination to do the marriage against any obstacles. Shivanya transforms in to Yamini's Clone. Yamini and changes Tanvi's mind against marrying Rithik. So Tanvi leaves house. Shivanya became the bride. As Shivanya was going to the mandap she noticed the special night of the full moon and realised that it was the day of Poonam Masi, in which Naags/Naagins change into their snake form. Shivaniya remembers that the Sapera told her to stay out of the moon light or else she'll turn in to her Naagin swaroop. Shivaniyas eyes turn red and and she starts to become scaley. After the Marrige shivaniya goes to the Shiv Mandir and Does a pooja and dances with a competition with Sheshsa.

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