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Necros no Yousai [ネクロスの要塞] Game Sample 1/2 - PC/Douj...

Vysethedetermined2 Follow
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  • 10 years ago
Now here's an odd game... "Necros no Yousai" (or "The Fortress of Neclos") is a doujin fighting game (with the FM95 engine) based on the obscure 1990 Japanese TurboGrafx RPG by ASK Kodansha and Lad.R of the same name, which in turn was based on the eponymous (and somewhat popular) 1980s Japanese toy line which is part of what is known as the Shokugan (食玩) series in Japan. The main franchise dealt with eight heroes named after their class designation (Knight, Mercenary, Amazon, etc.), an evil wizard named Neclos, and the myths of the land of Tankirie. Obviously, this doujin fighter doesn't work like that-- it deals with a few select characters from Neclos and a surprise character or two beating the stuffing out of each other. The game has absolutely no plot pertaining to the original franchise, just characters.

The game uses many sound effects from other games and borrows midi-quality music from the original TurboGrafx/PCE HuCard game. One of the exceptions to this is the surprise entry of the game's "true" final boss / guest character after Neclos, Princess Alena from Dragon Quest IV (4). As Alena is seeking to become the strongest fighter alive, she'll appear anywhere apparently for a good scrapfest, even if it means taking down another old-school RPG and its characters in an obscure fighter. Her stage plays higher quality remixed midi music of the NES Dragon Quest IV's main battle theme... it's actually pretty good when the game's overbearing sounds don't drown it out. She's also funny because she can summon other DQ monsters for attacks and her blows make DQ sound effects. It should be noted that while most characters are cheap, Alena is particularly cheap and only playable in Versus Mode. Bushin is also special as she is not fought in the main game (or will not fight herself like other characters).

In any event, the game is pretty broken as shown. The characters have inaccurate hit priorities (some characters reset combos for no real reason, others can be comboed out of throws, things of that nature) and odd traits such as attacking with dashes or jumps, but the female "Bushin" is probably the cheapest of the regular characters. Even without the ability to heal like Starm, her natural fighting ability can quickly overwhelm an opponent even with her low damage output... granted, they don't have to be beatdown quite as much as shown in this video (they can rebound off of walls with the right input I believe), but the CPU doesn't utilize recoveries enough. The game has four stages, a few characters (mostly enemies) from Necros no Yousai, three main attack buttons and various moves per character, several borrowed graphics, and it's fairly short. It's not that good, but there was a little effort here and there, and just seeing someone make a fighter about Neclos is a sight to see. You can get this game at:

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